Welcome to OscarTalk.net, where two critics work tirelessly to make Oscar season all it can, and should, be.

Our objective is not so much to illuminate industry secrets (although, we do love industry secrets, so if you know any, please share!) or give you the ultimate Oscar pool tips (although, between the two of us, we ROCK Oscar pools) . . . our goal is to deliver all the joy and blessings of the Oscar season to your living room (or wherever you keep your computer).

We celebrate Oscar season to its fullest – watching and discussing contenders throughout the days leading up to the joyous event, delivering messages of peace and love to friends and family members, enjoying a Champagne brunch on Oscar Day, and devoting the evening of the telecast to the our own tradition-bound celebration.

If we can deliver that festivity to you and yours, illuminate the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences methods so the system makes more sense to you . . . or just let you know which nominees (or potential nominees) to add to your Netflix queue, we have done our jobs.

So, join us for the most entertaining season of the year!

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